Constitution of Mablethorpe Men’s Shed.

1.   Name

The group will be an Unincorporated Association will be known as Mablethorpe Men’s Shed. ( herein known as “MTS Men’s Shed”)

2.   The aims of the MTS Men’s Shed are as follows:

      • To increase participation in practical activities
      • To reduce the isolation and exclusion of adults in the local area
      • To encourage people to volunteer within their communities

3.   The objectives of MTS Men’s Shed are as follows:

      • To provide a venue for people to talk and connect with others whilst participating in group and / or individual projects.
      • To provide opportunities for friendship and socialising in a safe environment while at the same time the space, expertise and facilities for people to pursue hobbies, crafts and creativity.
      • To undertake projects, acceptable to the group, which are of benefit to individuals, groups and the wider community.

4.   Area of benefit:

The area covered by the MTS Men’s Shed will be the Mablethorpe, Trusthorpe, and Sutton On Sea and surrounding area, limited only by the distance members are prepared to travel to the Shed.

5.   Membership

MTS Men’s Shed will be entirely inclusive and open to all persons who wish to become members. MTS Men’s Shed is only open to adults over the age of 18 years.

6.   Voting:

All paid up members of the MTS Men’s Shed will have one vote.

7.   Conduct:

It is a condition of membership that members will at all times conduct themselves in a professional and level-headed manner at meetings or any premises used by MTS Men’s Shed. Any member will be excluded for breaches of this condition, or for any conduct against the aims and objectives of the Shed, by a majority of those present and voting at any committee or general meeting. Any members excluded will have the right to appeal at the following AGM.

8.   Management Committee

      • The Management committee will be made up of not less than five (5) and not more than eight (8) people.
      • The Management committee will be responsible for the financial and social well-being of the group.
      • The committee will keep all other members of the group informed of the decisions they make and the work they do by any of the following methods: letter / phone /notice board / group email / group text / face-book website or word of mouth.
      • The Management committee will comprise of the following:


Vice Chair



Membership Secretary


9.   Committee Meetings


      • There must be at least 6 committee meetings each year, agenda’s will be distributed 5 days prior to meetings, minutes will be kept and distributed to all committee members following meetings.
      • Every matter will be decided by a majority vote by committee members present. In case of equal votes the Chair of the meeting will have the casting vote.
      • Members of the Management committee will be elected from the fully paid up members every year at the AGM.

10.        Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall elect the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary.

      • An AGM will be held once every calendar year, with an agenda and 20 days’ notice given to all members.
      • Minutes must be kept by Law.
      • At least one quarter of the Shed members must be present.
      • Ex-officio and/or co-opted members may attend the AGM but shall not have any voting rights. Only paid up members may vote, each member has one vote. If a vote ends in a tie, the Chairperson shall have a casting vote.

11.         Recording of meetings

The Secretary is responsible for taking a written record at meetings. Any amendments to the constitution can only be made at an EGM or AGM. All amendments are to be recorded and signed by all members of the committee.

12.        Volunteers

The Volunteer coordinator will be recruited from current MTS Men’s Shed members. Volunteers when on duty will be responsible for all aspects of health and safety and will have authority delegated by the committee as per the volunteer job roles.

13.        Finance & Property

      • All funds for MTS Men’s Shed will be held in a bank account where 2 signatures are required for payments of any cheques. Any 4 authorised members of the committee are able to authorise payments from the Men’s Shed account.
      • The funds of MTS Men’s Shed including all donations, contributions and membership fees will be paid into the MTS Men’s Shed Bank account. All approvals for payments must be signed by at least two authorised members of the committee.
      • The property and income of MTS Men’s Shed will only be used to achieve the aims and objectives of the Shed.
      • None OF THE INCOME OR PROPERTY OF MTS Men’s Shed may be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend bonus or otherwise by way of profit to any member of MTS Men’s Shed The committee will keep accounts of property, assets and transactions MTS Men’s Shed and arrange for the accounts to be examined at least once a year by an appointed independent examiner/auditor
      • The treasurer will submit a statement of the past years account at the AGM
      • In the event of the Association winding up all outstanding assets and funds must be transferred to a charity that promotes similar aims and objectives.
      • The committee are volunteers that support MTS Men’s Shed therefore any expenditure for expenses must be approved by the committee.
      • Membership of MTS Men’s Shed will be £24 per year or as otherwise agreed by the Members of MTS Men’s Shed.

14.         Alterations to the constitution

Any alterations to this constitution will need the agreement of not less than two thirds of all members of MTS Men’s Shed present and voting at the AGM or at a meeting specifically called for this purpose, (i.e. an EGM) provided that alterations have been received by the secretary in writing not less than 21 days before the meeting.  Notification of this meeting will be given to members not less than 10 days before the meeting and being informed of the alteration no alteration can be made if it were to change the aims of this Constitution’

15.        Alcohol & Smoking

Smoking and the consumption of alcohol are prohibited in the MTS Men’s Shed at all times.  There is also a Vaping ban in the shed at all times.

16.        Health and Safety

It is the responsibility of all MTS Men’s Shed members to adhere to the Men’s Shed health and safety policy.


This Constitution was Adopted at a public meeting this day 11th April  2019 at Mablethorpe Community Hall, Stanley Avenue, Mablethorpe.